Grammar for Writers

If you are looking for an online course about grammar for homeschoolers, check out Compass Classroom’s Grammar for Writers course. Disclosure: I received the course in exchange for review. This post contains affiliate links. Grammar for Writers Grammar for Writers is a half credit course for high school level that can be completed completely online.… Read More »

180 Days of Geography

Looking for an open and go workbook for geography for your homeschool or for extra study? 180 Days of Geography has workbooks for grades Kindergarten to Grade 6. There are other subjects as well from Reading to Science to Math. Disclosure: I was given the 180 Days of Geography Grade 6 book to review from… Read More »

My Teaching Library

If you are a homeschooling parent or teacher, you will want to hear about My Teaching Library. It’s a website where you can find teaching resources to use in your school or home. You can pay for each resource you would like individually or you can pay one yearly fee and download as many resources… Read More »


My favourite homeschool/teacher resource site, is hosting another FREE event August 27-28, 2023. For 48 hours any Canadian can get a FREE account and download as many resources as they want for future use. Twinkl has thousands if not more resources. Disclosure: I’m a Twinkl Brand Ambassador. I recommend downloading everything you can think… Read More »

Back to School for Homeschoolers

Just like at the end of school, around this time of year the teacher blogs are full of cool ideas for back to school. However a lot of them aren’t applicable to homeschoolers. For example we don’t need to play getting to know you games or activities or hand out an about the teacher newsletter.… Read More »

Word Roots

Are you looking for a resource to teach yourself, your child or your students about Word Roots? The Word Roots Series from The Critical Thinking Co is a great choice. Keep reading to find out why and how to use it. Word Roots Series Disclosure: I received Word Roots in exchange for an honest review.… Read More »

Canada Resources from Twinkl

Perhaps you are a year round homeschooler celebrating Canada Day in your homeschool. Perhaps you are a teacher or summers off homeschooler who just wants to teach about Canada. Here are some Canada resources from Twinkl you will want to use! I love TWINKL and not just because I’m a brand ambassador. I’m a brand… Read More »

End of Year Homeschool Activities

Around this time of year the teacher blogs are full of cool ideas for the end of the year. However a lot of them aren’t applicable to homeschoolers. For example it doesn’t make sense to have my child write a letter to her future teacher or a future student of my class. Here are some… Read More »

Learning Music with Twinkl

Looking for learning music resources for your school or homeschool? Twinkl has many different resources from worksheets to powerpoint slideshows. Here are some options for learning music with Twinkl *This post is sponsored by Twinkl Learning Music with Twinkl Music has sub categories such as reading music, playing music and listening to/appreciating music. I will… Read More »

Morphology vs Phonics

Most of us grew up learning to read with phonics. SH makes the sshhhhh sound and T makes the Tuh sound. That sort of thing. I thought as long as you knew how to read, you could also spell and understand most words. I was wrong. My daughter is a natural reader but struggles with… Read More »