Back to School for Homeschoolers

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Just like at the end of school, around this time of year the teacher blogs are full of cool ideas for back to school. However a lot of them aren’t applicable to homeschoolers. For example we don’t need to play getting to know you games or activities or hand out an about the teacher newsletter. Here are some back to school homeschool activities you CAN do.

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Back to School for Homeschoolers

Here are some back to school homeschool activities you CAN do.

Have a Back to School Party

Parties work for most things. A lot of homeschoolers will make the first day a fun day at the park or arcade, trampoline park or other places like that. All the public and private schoolers will be in school and you’ll have the place to yourself. Or if you prefer to stay in, have a start of school party with Pizza or Ice-cream and games.

Have a Slow Start

You don’t need to start the first day with every curriculum, every resource, every subject. Some like to take a slow start to their homeschool. A fellow homeschool Youtuber Townsend House has a video all about taking a slow start. You could start with simple review games, especially for math and ELA. Or start with the few curriculums that have the most days in it.

The Homeschool Fairy

Okay that’s not a real thing but I’ve heard of some families who while doing back to school shopping, pick out some fun things for their kids and then hide them until the first day of school where they present them with new pencils, note books and even sometimes first day snacks. It could be as simple as one thing to share (last year we started with Mr. Sketch Scented Markers as a surprise) or if you have more money, 4-8 new things per kid.

First Day of School Photos

This is one thing you can still do as a homeschooler. You can find all kinds of printable ones on the internet, just search for “first day back to homeschool sign.” Or create your own in Canva or with poster board and markers.

Have a Grand Breakfast

Whether you normally serve breakfast or everyone fends for themselves in your home, you can serve a Grand Breakfast for the first day back to school. Cook a smorgasbord of breakfast foods and put them all out for everyone to enjoy. This is a good way to include everyone if you have kids who attend a physical school as well, or spouses who work.

Decorate the School Area

Whether you have a school room or school in your living room, you can decorate. You can purchase back to school decorations, print ones off the computer or create your own. Use balloons or whatever you have at home if that’s easier. You can either pre-decorate or decorate with the kids.

Time Capsule

Create a written time capsule or find one online and fill it out on day 1. Seal them until the last day and then see if their answers have changed. Teachers can fill one out too if you want.


I hope you have some ideas for how to celebrate back to school in your homeschool. Here is a homeschool goals worksheet for your students to fill out (and you if you want). A sample is included. This is another idea for your first week of school. Enjoy!

Have a great year!

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