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My favourite homeschool/teacher resource site, Twinkl.ca is hosting another FREE event August 27-28, 2023. For 48 hours any Canadian can get a FREE account and download as many resources as they want for future use. Twinkl has thousands if not more resources.

Disclosure: I’m a Twinkl Brand Ambassador.

#TwinklFreeDay is Aug 27-28, 2023 - Download anything from Twinkl.ca for FREE

I recommend downloading everything you can think of that you might need in the future and then when Twinkl Free Day is done, creating folders for subjects and sub-subjects and sorting all your files for future use. Here is a screenshot of my folders and my literacy sub folders.

#TwinklFreeDay is Aug 27-28, 2023 - Download anything from Twinkl.ca for FREE

Twinkl is awesome for so many reasons. Let me count some of them.

  1. They have free days many times a year which allows you to download hundreds of free resources.
  2. Their resources are all high quality.
  3. Many of their resources come in differentiated varieties which means they have a version for those who struggle with school, an average version and a version for those who need more of a challenge.
  4. Their resources often come in colour and black and white versions as well as eco version.
  5. If you need a version not offered, you can easily fill out a form and they will often if not always get back to you with what you need.
  6. When you subscribe to their newsletter, they send out periodic emails with links to download premium resources for free.
  7. Their premium membership is very cost effective.
  8. Not in Canada but this sounds great? There is a Twinkl for most countries. Try Twinkl.com in the US, Twinkl.co.uk for the UK. The bottom of each Twinkl website has a link to all the countries that have Twinkl.

Don’t miss out, and share with your teachers or homeschooling friends!

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