Word Roots

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Are you looking for a resource to teach yourself, your child or your students about Word Roots? The Word Roots Series from The Critical Thinking Co is a great choice. Keep reading to find out why and how to use it.

The Word Roots Series from The Critical Thinking Co

Word Roots Series

Disclosure: I received Word Roots in exchange for an honest review.

What Are Word Roots?

“Word Roots teaches students the meanings of Latin prefixes, roots, and suffixes commonly used in English. Learning word elements dramatically improves spelling and the ability to decode unfamiliar words. Word Roots will add hundreds of words to your students’ vocabulary and greater depth to their thinking and writing”

Word Roots Description

What are the levels?

Word Roots comes in the following levels: Beginning, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4. Each new level introduces more root words, vocabulary words, prefixes and suffixes. You can find out more about the series here.

What grades is the series designed for?

The series is designed for Grades 3-12+ and are perfect for adults too. Word roots are not taught this in depth in schools that I’m familiar with so adults who love language or are behind in English may want to use this resource too. I will be using it for my grade 7 for sure and probably my grade 4 either now or in the future. I could even use it with my rising grade 11 if I want. It’s great for most levels.

What is the layout?

Below is a sample of one of the lessons. You are given prefixes, roots and suffixes to learn and then there is a worksheet to cement the learning in. You can work at whatever pace you decide. Typically one page a day 5 days a week works well.

The Word Roots Series from The Critical Thinking Co

What Level Should I Use?

Beginning Level is recommended for grades 3-4. Level 1 and 2 are recommended grades 5-12+ and Level 3 and 4 are recommended grades 7-12+. However if you’ve never learned word roots, I’d start at Beginning or Level 1.

Anything Else?

There are physical books and ebooks available as well as computer software, apps and flashcards. You can see the whole series options on the website..

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