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My youngest daughter struggles with spelling and I’ve been looking for the best way to help her catch up. We’ve tried a few free or cheap resources for spelling but none of it stuck. I’d heard a lot about All About Spelling and wanted to try it out so I collaborated with the All About Learning Press to review All About Spelling so I could share it with you.

Disclosure: Product was given in exchange for a review. This post contains affiliate links.

All About Spelling Level 1 Color Edition

All About Spelling

All About Spelling (AAS) Level 1 is available in a newer version which is full colour, unlike the old one. It also comes with an activity book with fun games for the child. This is the version we reviewed. It’s important to note that level numbers do not mean grades with the All About Learning Press products.

They recommend you use AAS1 once you are on AAR2 (All About Reading Level 2.) But that only applies if you are using AAR and if you are just starting reading lessons. My nine year old is a fluent reader who mostly taught herself. But she struggles with spelling. However we were still instructed to start with AAS1. Why? Even fluent readers can struggle with spelling especially if they didn’t need to do much to learn reading. This is because they essentially skipped over learning to decode words (read) and so missed lessons that are necessary to encode words (spell them.)

Our Experience

AAS1 has been super easy so far but that’s okay, we are finding small things here and there that she wasn’t clear on. Missing these essential early steps can cause problems later on. Even though we haven’t found many words she didn’t know how to spell yet she has made clear progress. Just by learning the basics she has been able to use that to figure out how to spells words that are spelled how they sound.

All About Spelling Level 1 Color Edition - Playing a Game

I will say that the games in the activity book are definitely designed for younger kids. My daughter played some of them but a lot of them were just too basic. If your child is younger they are awesome. The activity book does include word searches and worksheet for older learners which we do.

So far the program is working well. I can’t wait to see how far she has come when she is finished level 1. Here she is showing the tracking sheet. She puts on a sticker for each lesson complete, she’s almost there!

All About Spelling Level 1 Color Edition - Progress Chart

Moving On

I would love to continue to All About Spelling Level 2 but we will have to find a cheaper option. It’s actually really reasonably priced for what you get it’s just not something we can do. But when you purchase later levels, you don’t have to purchase the box or magnets again which is nice. So it’s cheaper the second time around.

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