REVIEW: Smart Mom Jewerly/Teething Bling

Liam playing with Bangle(c) 2011 Kathleen Garber I love this idea! How many babies grab on to your jewelry and try to chew on it? Now they can do that with special jewelry designed to be safe for babies to chew on, but still fashionable for mom. I especially love the bangles. I’m not a… Read More »

Nursing in Public

(c) Flickr User Tim/Selena Middleton Do you/have you ever nursed in public or are you a private nurser? I pride myself on being able to nurse anywhere without showing everything to everyone and without covering up my baby either. I’ve practiced a lot and can nurse, often without anyone knowing what I’m doing. I thought… Read More »

Guest Post: 10 Ways To Make Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom

The following is a guest post by Randall Davidson of Audio Transcription. Although the economy is slowly starting to turn around, millions of people across the country are still out of work and struggling financially. Many stay-at-home moms are facing the difficult choice between being at home to raise their children and returning to work… Read More »

Brand New Baby Event – 3 Blogs for Parents with Little Ones

More and more nowadays when a person has a question, we Google it. Using the internet to get answers to our problems can be very helpful, as long as you think about what you read and don’t take what you read as the be all and end all of answers. When reading advice on blogs,… Read More »

Sponsor Spotlight: Smart Mom Jewelry/Teething Bling

Smart Mom Jewelry presents Teething Bling, the original jewelry for mom that is SAFE for babies to mouth. Their pendants and bangles are specially designed to be safe for babies to chew on while being held. They are made from the same silicone that coated baby spoons are made out of. It’s food grade so… Read More »

Getting Back in the Sack After a Baby

Image: photostock / Having a baby is a big change and it affects all parts of your life. You are instructed to wait 6 weeks after birth to restart intercourse generally to allow your body to heal. If you had a vaginal birth, you may have had an episiotomy which you will want to… Read More »

Brand New Baby Sponsor Spotlight: Thyme Maternity

  This is my third time breastfeeding and I’ve never used a nursing bra or nursing shirt. I just made do with sports bras or regular bras and lifting my shirt. Well I want to try a nursing bra! So I contacted Thyme Maternity and they agree to let me try out a nursing bra… Read More »

Stylish Baby Bedding for Your Nursery from Baby Bedding Zone

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine. An important part of putting together your new baby’s nursery is deciding on the bedding. You’ll want to pick something that will work in the room and that everyone in the family is comfortable with. Baby bedding doesn’t have to be little yellow duckies or… Read More »

REVIEW/GIVEAWAY: Andrea’s Pacifier Clips and More

I mentioned Andrea’s Pacifier Clips and More and what they sell a few days ago. Now you’ll have the chance to win some of her products for your very own! But first, some thoughts. I was sent a pacifier clip and toy/sippy cup leash to review. There are over 100 different colours and styles or… Read More »

Brand New Baby Sponsor Spotlight: Baby Bond

NOTE: If you are here from a blog hop, please leave a comment on this post instead. One of the potential problems nursing mother’s face is how to nurse in public without feeling like you are exposing yourself to everyone. Putting a blanket over your baby never works for four reasons: You can’t see to… Read More »