Nursing in Public

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Do you/have you ever nursed in public or are you a private nurser?

I pride myself on being able to nurse anywhere without showing everything to everyone and without covering up my baby either. I’ve practiced a lot and can nurse, often without anyone knowing what I’m doing. I thought I’d make a list up of the places in public I’ve ever nursed.

This is mostly for my curiosity but I hope it also encourages other nursing moms to try breastfeeding wherever they are, instead of hiding in a corner or worse, a bathroom to feed their baby. Practice at home in front of a mirror to see how much you are showing.

After you check out the list, let me know if you’ve nursed in public somewhere I haven’t.

Places I’ve Nursed:

  1. Front Porch
  2. Back Porch
  3. Park
  4. McDonalds
  5. Tim Hortons
  6. Burger King
  7. Highway Rest Stop
  8. By the Side of the Road
  9. On the front steps of a church
  10. Inside a church
  11. At a Girl Guide meeting
  12. At Girl Guide Camp
  13. At family camping
  14. At playgroup (which is in a school)
  15. Library
  16. On the bus
  17. At the bus stop
  18. At the beach
  19. At Jungle Cat World 
  20. The Mall (thanks Canadian Coupon Mom for reminding me) 
  21. In a pool (a few pools actually) (ADDED July 7)
  22. ?? I’m sure I’m forgetting some

So have you nursed somewhere I haven’t? Maybe you’ll help me remember something I’ve forgotten. Leave a comment!

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