Brand New Baby Sponsor Spotlight: Baby Bond

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One of the potential problems nursing mother’s face is how to nurse in public without feeling like you are exposing yourself to everyone.

Putting a blanket over your baby never works for four reasons:

  1. You can’t see to position baby.
  2. Many babies don’t want a blanket over their head
  3. You can’t see baby and connect/bond.
  4. It can get hot!

Baby Bond is a nursing sash that covers mom, NOT baby.

There are three types: Original, Flex and Couture.

Check back for a review and giveaway soon or if you don’t want to wait, you can use the code CALLISTA to get 25% off when you purchase your very own Baby Bond. Also if you comment on this post before the giveaway goes up, you can have an extra 2 entries into the giveaway when it’s posted.

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