Guest Post: The Reasons Why Babies Cry and Tips On How to Soothe Them

It’s normal for babies to cry. It helps them develop their lungs and it is the only way they have of communicating. Some babies cry more than others. Some perfectly healthy babies can have daily crying spells that last a couple of hours, particularly during the first five months of their lives. For parents it… Read More »

Brand New Baby Sponsor Spotlight: Andrea’s Pacifier Clips and More

Andrea’s Pacifier Clips and More carries many different clips and a few other things such as: Pacifier Clips Belt Clips (to make pants smaller without a belt) Toy/Sippy Cup Clips Bib Clips (Turn washcloth into a bib) Nursing Cover Clips Mitten Clips Non-Slip Hair Clips Sophie the Giraffe Leashes Crochet Baby Hats Headbands You can… Read More »

The Brand New Baby Event Starts Now

Life has been pretty good for our family with the addition of baby Liam on March 29/11. He’ll be 7 weeks old tomorrow and we’re pretty settled in now. He’s nursing well, he wakes up about 2-3 times a night but mostly goes right back to sleep and he doesn’t cry too much during the… Read More »

Looking for Sponsors: The Brand New Baby Event

My third baby will be here in 5 short days on March 29, 2011. I wanted to hold an event featuring baby related reviews and posts but need time to get it organized and time to get to know my baby and recover before I host it. So I picked April 29 (when he will… Read More »