Brand New Baby Event – 3 Blogs for Parents with Little Ones

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More and more nowadays when a person has a question, we Google it. Using the internet to get answers to our problems can be very helpful, as long as you think about what you read and don’t take what you read as the be all and end all of answers.

When reading advice on blogs, it’s what worked for that one blogger. It may or may not work for you. However is usually doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

Here are some blogs I know of that are perfect for parents with new babies.

Troublesome Tots blogs about sleep troubles you often encounter with babies and toddlers and how you can help them.

Baby Gifts and Gift Baskets blog has many articles on babies:

Best for Babes
Best for Babes is THE breastfeeding resource, way better than any other I’ve seen. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It’s sort of a cross between a website and blog.

Vitamin D and Breastmilk… What’s a babe to do?
Did Your Mom Breastfeed?
Help! I Don’t Want to Breastfeed

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