Hockey Mom Tips from Mom of 4 Pro Hockey Players (Infographic)

When you say Canada, many people think of Hockey season. For some it’s watching it on TV, for others, they are out there at the ice rink with their children who are on a team. If you are a hockey fan, then I’m sure you know it’s hockey season! Below I have some hockey mom… Read More »

Cord Blood Banking (Insception Lifebank)

With my first and second child I had never heard about cord blood banking. I’m not sure if it didn’t exist back then or just wasn’t as common. With my third child, I liked the idea of having a reserve of cord blood just in case something happened but it wasn’t in my budget so… Read More »

What To Do With Unwanted Gift Cards– Buy and Sell at Card Swap

CardSwap is Canada’s gift card buy and sell store. Buy cards through the site and get SwapPoints back which you can save up to purchase more gift cards or get cash back through PayPal. You can also sell your unwanted gift cards and receive up to 92$ in SwapPoints or get paid directly for it.… Read More »

Contest: Win Pampers Diapers for a Year (Canada)

Pampers Canada has a great contest starting today to win Pampers Diapers for a year! The first draw will be Dec 6 and then there will be a draw every month until the end of June 2013 so you have multiple chances to win! You can enter to win at or the Pampers Canada… Read More »

P&G Brandsaver–$164 in coupons out Nov. 7 #PGmom

I’m happy to announced that I’ve been chosen as a P&G Mom and so will be sharing Proctor & Gamble news and more over the next while. I take a train tomorrow morning to Toronto for the program launch where I will learn more about the company and it’s products. BrandSAVER is a coupon book… Read More »

Steak and Eggs for Dinner – We #LoveCDNBeef

Confession: I used to never like steak. I ate ground beef and the occasional beef roast but I never liked steak. Turns out, it matters how it’s cooked. I’ve taught myself most of my cooking skills beyond the basics. I watch cooking shows and look at cookbooks and just experiment. I prefer to cook without… Read More »

Bumbo Baby Seat Recall (Canada and US)

Note: The following information is from the Bumbo Canada website but the recall is applicable to the US as well. “August 15, 2012 – Bumbo International Trust is conducting a voluntary recall to add a restraint belt and new warnings to the Bumbo® Baby Seat. Infants can maneuver out of or fall from the seat,… Read More »

G. Marquis Premium Wines from Niagara-on-the-Lake

I am a wine lover, somewhere between a novice and connoisseur.  A friend gave me a two day wine course where I learned more about wine and pairing. The more I drink it the better I like it. I would like to pay more attention to pairing. Right now it’s a matter of expense dryness… Read More »

#OCanadaBaby–Supporting #TeamCanada at the London 2012 Olympics

Back in April I shared that Pampers Canada and Canadian Olympian Priscilla Lopes-Schliep had gotten together to create the first version of O Canada performed by babies. My son Liam was in the first cut of the video and every so often they released a longer version. Well I’m ecstatic to announce that with the… Read More »

Summer Camp at Pioneer Camps #pioneercamp

Summer camp is the perfect way to teach your children the importance of getting outdoors and making new friendships. It’s a great experience for all children although some are ready earlier than others. There are pioneer camps in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia (Pacific). There are a bunch of different types of camps your… Read More »