Hockey Mom Tips from Mom of 4 Pro Hockey Players (Infographic)

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When you say Canada, many people think of Hockey season. For some it’s watching it on TV, for others, they are out there at the ice rink with their children who are on a team.

If you are a hockey fan, then I’m sure you know it’s hockey season! Below I have some hockey mom tips from Linda Staal. It’s time to take care of your little hockey players so they can play their best.

This Pro Mom Raised Four Pro Hockey Players

Linda Staal - Mother of Four Professional Hockey PlayersLinda Staal (pictured right) is the mom of FOUR professional hockey players!

Can you imagine? They are all grown up now, but they were once little.

Linda and her husband Henry raised the boys (Eric, Marc, Jordan and Jared) just outside of Thunder Bay , Ontario (Yay Ontario!)

My girls are 5 and 7 and have not started any sports or after school classes. However Linda had all her boys playing hockey by age four.

Can you imagine four hockey players, with four different schedules? That’s a lot of rink time.

Hockey Mom Tips From Quaker Oatmeal and Linda Staal

As any good sports mom, Linda kept her kids well rested and well fed, often with Quaker products. Quaker Oatmeal has teamed up with Linda Staal to put together a few tips for surviving the end of hockey season.

1. Make time for family meals to stay connected:

“When the boys were younger, our fridge was always full of nutritious food to help them grow and perform their best on and off the ice,” says Linda. “Even with our busy schedules we always made time for a nutritious breakfast together. I would prepare oatmeal because it was quick and healthy.”

Setting the breakfast table the night before can save precious time in the morning. And making oats in the slow cooker overnight can also make breakfast preparation effortless.

2. Encourage them to have fun:

 “We have always encouraged our sons to be the best they can be and feel good about their accomplishments,” Linda says with pride. “We wanted the boys to enjoy themselves and always have fun at hockey. We didn’t judge their success by the scoreboard alone. They worked hard, but having fun was just as important.”

3. Pack a hockey survival kit:

“During long road trips to tournaments, I would pack healthy snacks like Quaker granola bars and fresh fruit for everyone to snack on,” Linda recalls. “The boys would pack their favourite pillow and blanket to make the hotel and long car ride more comfortable.”

Registered Sports Dietitian Pearle Nerenberg adds,

“Packing a cooler for tournaments is a great idea. It provides convenient, nutritious snack options, and can save families money from eating fast food on the road. Packing Quaker oatmeal and a kettle, with some dried fruits and nuts, makes for an easy, convenient and nutritious meal when staying at a hotel.”

Pearle Nerenberg, RD is a former hockey player from the National Women’s Hockey League. Now as a nutritionist, she is writing a book and heading up The Hockey Sports Nutrition Network with other members of Dietitians of Canada.

Quaker Infographic

Who doesn’t love infographics?

Hockey Mom Tips from Quaker and Linda Staal (mom of 4 pro hockey players) #infographic

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