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From O So Mo Love

1. What do you enjoy MOST about blogging?
Meeting others and reading their opinions and getting opinions on my opinions. LOL.

2. Are you happy with your blog/website?
No, not really. I want to make my own design, I don’t like the blogger templates much.

3. Have you altered your blog template or does it display it’s original settings?
I’ve altered it but I”m still mainly using a template.

4. Do you post many pictures on your blog/website?
Not really. For some reason I have a hard time getting them to show up properly. Still working on that. I even tried using a table so the words and photos would show up properly but then it leaves a HUGE gap between title and the post. I would post more photos if I could just get things to work properly.

5. What made you decide to begin “blogging”?
I started it out as my personal journal because I type much faster than I write and my writing isn’t very legible. Then as I saw that other bloggers were writing for an audience, I decided I wanted to do that too.

6. Do you make money with your blog?
I recently added Google AdSense ads to my blog but haven’t made money yet. I’m afraid if I do too much to make money people will think that’s all I care about and won’t come visit me but then I can’t work and we are struggling so any money I can make would help.

7. Do you post personal info on your blog?
Yes. I try to stay away from my last name and definitely don’t post my actual address but I’m not worried about a few things.

8. To your knowledge does your spouse and/or loved ones read your blog?
I point out certain posts to my parents that I feel they might enjoy. My brother reads all my blogs and has one of his own. My hubby could care less about any of them. The two I have for my daughters are the only ones that are read my a lot of family because that’s what they were made for. To keep everyone updated.

9. Where do you access your blog?
From home.

10. Have you ever posted a YouTube video on your blog/website?

11. Do you list the blogs/websites of friends/loved ones on your website?
Yes I recently added some blogrolls. I visit many more people than that but those are my main visits.

12. On average, how many comments do your posts receive? Most? Least (if not 0)?
Mostly 0-3 but more if it’s a meme (like Thursday thirteen.)

13. Is your blog a creative outlet? A soapbox? A record of your life for future generations? All of the above?
It’s a soapbox and a record of my thoughts about various things.

14. What is the one thing you would change about your blog/website?
Well the template mostly.

15. Would you like me to post an entry later displaying your blog/website address?

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