Thursday Thirteen #2

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This time I’m going to list my 13 favourite foods in order starting with most favourite.

1. Poutine’s! I’m picky how they are made but I could eat one everyday!
2. Chocolate! Milk Chocolate preffered, White Chocolate okay, Dark Chocolate Gross!
3. Salt and Vinegar Chips. Lays are the best.
4. French Fries – if not in a poutine, then vinegar, seasoned salt and ketchup is second best!
5. Eggs – Cooked Over Easy is best!
6. Chocolate Chip Cookies – Soft is better!
7. Cereal – favs are shreddies, fruit loops, frosted flakes, rice krispies and honey nut cheerios.
8. Mashed Potatoes – with margarine, salt and pepper. Cheese is good on top too.

9. Cheese – Marble is my favourite, also mozarella and cheddar. Hard cheeses only though.
10. Raisins – soft and yummy.

11. Spaghetti – little meat, good amount of sauce, no mushrooms.
12. Peaches – Not too hard, not too soft. Also peach flavoured foods.
13. Grapes – green and no seeds.

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