GIVEAWAY: Aire One Heating and Cooling Humidifier from Home Magazine

Starting September 10, 2012, it’s your chance to win a humidifier, installed by Aire One Heating and Cooling The Home Magazine is the only publication dedicated to home renovations and improvements and is delivered directly to over 950,000 homes throughout South Central Ontario every issue. They bring quality home improvers/renovators to your door 9 times… Read More »

Well we got our power back. It was off for a week and a half! Our hydro problems have been fixed so no more safety hazards. Ohh my head! I have a bad migraine that won’t go away. I’ve had it these past two days along with nausea and dizziness and just plain feeling horrible.… Read More »

Wow things have been hectic. We had our power turned off last thursday because of major defects in our wiring. This house was just slapped together to be sold and there is so much wrong with this house that no one can believe it. We are getting a grant from the city to fix the… Read More »

Happy Easter and Passover! I had a good holiday. I still have one more Easter celebration to go to on Monday. I got some money from my Bubby for Passover and some candy for Easter from mom.

Morgan is almost three months old! She is such a beautiful baby! She’s still healthy except for a blocked tear duct and some constipation. She is no longer nursing because I’m on some meds that aren’t safe for her. She is taking Enfamil A+ for babies who spit up.

Wow lots to update on! Since my last update I’ve bought a house with my fiance, got pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl! You can see her here: Frank’s parents moved in with us in our new house but I have some really sad news. Frank’s mom died January 26, 2006 suddenly from… Read More »

Oops, been a while again. Lots to update on but my internet doesn’t work when I want it to. Frank and I have been together 7 months now. We live together and we know we will be together forever. So in the house we are renting is us two and Essence the Pitbull, Bandaid the… Read More »

I tried to update this blog before, honest I did, but it wasn’t working. A lot has happened. I have a boyfriend now. His name is Frank and he’s 22, exactly a year and four months older than me. He has a son but he does not live with it, although he’d like to. Connor… Read More »

So at 3pm I decide I’m bored and make arrangements to go to my mom’s and go to the library. We ride bikes to the library only to remember that libraries are closed on holidays DUH! Luckily the library is only 5 or 6 blocks away. So we go home and do whatever until 9pm… Read More »

I actually went out today! or should I say tonight. I went out at 6pm to meet members of the Windsor Pagans group and saw some people I hadn’t seen in a while. We stayed at the meeting place (coffee shop) until 11pm! That’s 5 hours! I gave a good tip since we were talking… Read More »