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Oops, been a while again. Lots to update on but my internet doesn’t work when I want it to.

Frank and I have been together 7 months now. We live together and we know we will be together forever. So in the house we are renting is us two and Essence the Pitbull, Bandaid the Shih Tzu, Kira the cat and Merries, Pandora, Maharat, Tom, Al and Vittorio the American Toads. RIP to Armand and Lestat the toads.

A few months into the Guiding year Sparks and Brownies broke off so now I’m a Brown Owl and running Brownies. We went from 6 to 4 and now we are at 6 or 7 again. It’s not too bad. Frank’s Son Connor is now 10 months old! I hope to someday be able to meet him, but it won’t be anytime soon, I know that. So I’ll have to settle for pictures.

I’ll be updating again soon for sure.

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