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I tried to update this blog before, honest I did, but it wasn’t working. A lot has happened. I have a boyfriend now. His name is Frank and he’s 22, exactly a year and four months older than me. He has a son but he does not live with it, although he’d like to. Connor was 5 months Sept. 2. He lives with his mom. Frank does get to visit him every once in a while but he’s not allowed to bring him back to the city with him and heaven forbid the mother should find out about me, he’d never see his kid again.

We’ve only been dating a little under 2 months but we both new early on that this relationship was different, special. It’s more serious than most 2 month relationships are. I am so glad that I am with him, he makes me feel so good.

Girl Guides is starting up again, I have 12 for sure registrations already and about 6 or 8 more probablies. WOW! This year I’m doing a joint Spark and Brownie unit. This year I also have tons of interesting names. Savanah, Kirah, Aliah, Diamond, Madelyn, Unique, Bianca… and others too.

I did something I haven’t done in 5 or 6 years, I bought and am wearing a skirt! It’s a jean skirt with pink stitching near the pockets and it came with a pink webbing/ribbon/fabric belt that is just beautiful. It’s a pretty short skirt too. I love it though!

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