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So at 3pm I decide I’m bored and make arrangements to go to my mom’s and go to the library. We ride bikes to the library only to remember that libraries are closed on holidays DUH! Luckily the library is only 5 or 6 blocks away. So we go home and do whatever until 9pm when it’s time to go home. Dad is on afternoons so I must take the bus home. So I look at my schedule for monday-friday because it’s thursday and see it leaves the mall (the main stop before where I get it) at 9:20. so to be sure I don’t miss it in case it comes early, I go out at 9:10.

At 9:20 I remember that I didn’t have to come out early because it leaves the MALL at 9:20 not my stop at 9:20. Grr. So I wait a bit longer and these bees come around and keep running into me. I”m not moving, why must they run into me? It’s not till 9:32pm that I decide it’s not coming and something must be wrong. I look at my schedule again and see I didn’t misread it and move away from the bees and wait another minute before it dawns on me (again) that the bus runs on a different schedule for holidays! AHH!

So I walk back to my parents (three houses away) to warm up, get away from the bees, make a pit stop in the washroom and check my schedule for holidays. Well the bus I need (BUS 1) stops running at 7:58pm on holidays. Okay well I can walk up to BUS 2 and catch it instead. So I look at the BUS 2 schedule and it says Monday-Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The BUS 1 says Monday-Friday, Saturday or Sunday and Holidays. So does this mean they forgot to put holidays or that BUS 2 is not affected by them? So I call the bus company which is a machine on the other end and after pressing ‘1’ 12 times and ‘6’ 6 times I get the information I’m looking for. It says the next bus will be at the stop I need at 9:55 and then 10:25 etc… This matches what it says for Monday-Friday in the schedule (you following me here? lol)

So I say goodbye and walk up there, stop at Tim Hortons for a chocolate croissant and an Iced Cappuchino (of course) and wait for BUS 2. Well it’s almost time for it to come and a couple comes to wait as well. We chat a bit and then she asks me, “Doesn’t the bus run on a different schedule for the holidays?” So I tell her I thought so but called the bus company and it said a bus was coming. She said she did that too. Well 10 minutes after the bus was supposed to come, they decide to walk. I decide the bus isn’t coming (deja vu!) and go back to Tim Hortons. I am going to call a cab but I only have large bills so I need to break them. They say they can’t but that the drug store across the street will. So I walk over there and purchase something and get change and as I’m putting the change in my wallet, I see that I did have small bills after all. GRRRR. Oh well. So she calls me a cab and I wait and get a cab and finally get home after paying them over $8.

It is now 2 hours since I started arranging to come home

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