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Well we got our power back. It was off for a week and a half! Our hydro problems have been fixed so no more safety hazards.

Ohh my head! I have a bad migraine that won’t go away. I’ve had it these past two days along with nausea and dizziness and just plain feeling horrible. I’ve tried different kinds of pain medications and nothing takes away the pain. I’m not getting anything done and I have so much to do!

We are trying to purchase a new vehicle a at the end of this month, we can no longer use our car. It will be time to renew the stickers on the car and there is no way the car will be safetied. The car is beyond repair, it’s cheaper to get a new vehicle and without the stickers you can’t get insurance. We can get a really good minivan for only 1200 bucks but unfortunately we don’t have that money and can’t find anyone who will lend it to us. It Sucks!

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