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Kirby Puckernut and the Christmas Surprise by Alicia Richardson

I love reading holiday books with my children as the holidays draw nearer. As a multi-faith household, we read books on Christmas and Hanukkah and I’m always looking for new ones. Kirby Puckernut and the Christmas Surprise is about an elf  who is part of a trial run to bring elves into homes with children… Read More »

Chamilia Silver Snap Charm Bracelet (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

Charm bracelets have come a long way from what I remember. If you had a charm bracelet as a girl and you want one now but don’t want dangly charms clicking together every time you move, the Chamilia Silver Snap Charm Bracelet may interest you. Chamilia also sells necklaces and earrings. Jewellery comes in .925… Read More »

Clorox Electronic Cleaning Wipes (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

*Stocking Stuffer Idea* The perfect stocking stuffer ideas for an electronic lover, Clorox now has Electronic Cleaning Wipes (as well as Cleaning Spray and a Cleansing Cloth, all for electronics) These e-cleaning products give a typical Clorox level of clean but are safe for electronic displays and touch screens. The cleansing spray and pre-moistened wipes… Read More »

World Vision Gifts–Gifts That Make a Difference (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

The Gift That Makes a Difference At this time of year, many families want to give gifts but are also aware of the many people without money or homes who don’t get gifts this holiday season. It can be  tough sometimes to justify the gifts you are buying when others are going hungry. There IS… Read More »

Show Me Decorating: Holiday Tree Trimming Video

Becky and Kathy run Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store in Midland, TX where they sell Halloween Fall and Christmas merchandise. Their success led them to form a sister business called Show Me Decorating which allows Becky, Kathy and their other sister Jennifer to: “spread their passion for creating, inspiring and educating others to decorate like a… Read More »

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Cleanser and Eye Cream (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

*Stocking Stuffer Idea* Burt’s Bees is a well-known name in natural skin products. I’ve used their lip balm for many years. I get my husband to use their hand salve as he comes home from work with terribly dry and cracked hands. So I happily accepted the opportunity to try out some new Burt’s Bees’… Read More »

I See Me Personalized Colouring Books and Mats (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

I’ve reviewed other products from I See Me! before like the My Very Own Name Book or the My Very Happy Birthday book or My Very Merry Christmas Book. Personalized Colouring Books New for the holiday season, you can now get personalized colouring books and placemats for your children! There are a few styles of… Read More »

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Game for PC

Back when the only game systems were Atari and Nintendo (the first one), I used to play games on my computer. From puzzle games to arcade type games to mysteries, I loved them. Recently I’ve mostly played the Sims and occasionally Plants vs. Zombies on my computer so I was intrigued to hear about a… Read More »

REVIEW: Where Did You Get That Scarf? (Scarf Envy)

Scarf Envy is an on-line scarf shop located in the United Kingdom. They have scarves in seven fabrics, Alpaca, Cashmere, Chiffon, Cotton, Silk, Viscose and Wool. They offer ten different design categories, such as Animal, Flags, Maps, and Retro to name a few. Then there are plenty to choose from under those designs. There are… Read More »

Milestones, Weaning and Natrel’s Baboo #NatrelBaboo

My son Liam hit 18 months on Sept 29 and since then, I’ve been reminiscing of how much he’s grown since he was born. As my third child, it seems like time moved even quicker as with your first child, it seems like it takes forever for them to reach each milestone: Smiling/Laughing Rolling Sitting… Read More »