Rise of the Guardians on Blu-Ray and DVD

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Rise of the Guardians Movie

Rise of the Guardians

On March 14, one day before Rise of the Guardians came out on Blu-Ray and DVD, my children and I had a Rise of the Guardians viewing party. We were sent the movie plus some fun items to make our viewing party special.

Unveiling the Viewing Party Kit

My kids were super excited to see what the viewing party kit held. It all came in the reusable bag which is actually bigger than many reusable bags and made of that plastic material that is easy to wipe down. We were went a pair of bunny ears which my kids have been fighting over, a nightlight (uses batteries and can mount on the wall), tattoos and items for egg decorating, a flower pot that can be decorated, Forget Me Not flower seeds and watering can, Easter Candy and a pack of 2 hopping egg toys which you can get on select Rise of the Guardians DVDs and Blu-rays.

Rise of the Guardians Viewing Party Goodies

Watching Rise of the Guardians on DVD

Since we were watching it in the living room, we had to watch the DVD version. Just my 7 year old, 5 year old, (almost) 2 year old and me. I was worried about my girls as they are scared of everything on TV it seems, even the Madeline movies and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. However they surprised me by not being scared and sitting through the whole thing. So we hunkered down and ate some candy. My youngest, Liam, played with the toy eggs while watching the movie. Alastrin (below) also had a tooth fairy toy from McDonalds.

Watching Rise of the Guardians on DVD

What We Liked

Since the viewing party I’ve watched it again and everyone around me is asking to borrow the movie! My girls loved the movie, especially Alastrin who has just been gushing about how great the movie is and how it wasn’t scary at all.

Morgan said her favourite character was the Tooth fairy while Alastrin loved the Sandman and Jack Frost the best (which is surprising since she is the fairy lover.)  Their favourite part had to do with Sandman too.

What We Didn’t Like

I enjoyed the movie (more so the second time around) but there were a few things that just bothered me. I tend to be analytical and nit picky for some things and so it bothered me that Santa and the Easter Bunny were not what I expected.

The Easter Bunny has an Australian accent and is NOT fluffy and cute but tough and muscular. Since not much has been said about where the Easter Bunny like where he lives, how he decorates the eggs or how he gets around, I was fine with that they portrayed.

However there are plenty of stories of Santa Claus and how Christmas works and the movie just wasn’t right. Since when does Santa go by the name of North? I wasn’t thrilled with the how toys are made part or how NOT fat and jolly he was. Since when does Santa have a Russian accent?

Planting Forget-Me-Nots

Since it was late after the movie, we planted our flowers at a different time. The paper comes out of the pot so it can be decorated so I let my 5 year old Alastrin decorate it. Then we put it back in, added dirt and seeds and some water.

Decorating the Flower Pot

Rise of the Guardians Flower Pot, Watering Can and Some Forget Me Nots

Just a Little Water to Make the Flowers Grow

We Love Holiday Movies

I’m glad to have another Holiday movie to add to my collection although I’m not sure just where to put it since it covers more than one holiday. If I have to pick through, I’d pack it away with the Easter things as more of that holiday is mentioned and it takes place a few days before Easter.

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