Waterbabies are Back and They Have Dreams (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

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Waterbabies Dream to Be a Princess

Did YOU Have a Waterbaby Growing Up?

2012giftguideI did. I remember her fondly. Emily was her name I’m pretty sure (I had lots of babies.) I loved that she was heavy like a real baby and had soft skin. I loved filling her up and feeling warmth when I held her. I’m not sure what happened to her, I must have gotten rid of her when I grew up.

Waterbabies are BACK!

They are smaller than before but still the lovable, water filled babies they used to be. They also now have dreams of what they want to be when they are older.

Waterbabies Dream to Be

This is now what they are called and each one dreams to be something different and comes with clothing to match. The one pictured above dreams of being a princess. Some others are below.

Dream to Be a Soccer Star


Dream to Be Fabulous


How to Use

Simply remove the clothing, open the valve and insert the included funnel. Fill with warm water, replace seal and clothing and you are ready to go! Replace water every so often.

Waterbabies are sold at most retailers that sell toys including Toys R Us and Walmart.

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