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Donate to Habitat for Humanity This Mother’s Day

*This message brought to you thanks to the Brand Buzz Network who alerted me to it. Gifts from the Heart cards in honor of mothers help Habitat for Humanity build homes This Mother’s Day, give a Gift from the Heart and help build Habitat for Humanity homes in honor of mothers. Make a tax-deductible Gift… Read More »

Guest Post: Decorating When You’ve Got Kids

Some people believe that a beautiful home and a child (or more!) can’t exist harmoniously together.  As precious as our children are to us, we realize that they are also messy, lively, curious people and setting our treasures among them can feel like the equivalent of hanging a chandelier in a monkey cage. © Flickr… Read More »

How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Restful Paradise

Are you having trouble getting a good night’s sleep? Turn your bedroom into a restful paradise and you’ll soon be able to snooze away. A surprising number of people have trouble sleeping at night. Some people have trouble falling asleep. Some people have trouble staying asleep. Still others feel like they sleep okay and yet… Read More »

REVIEW: CSN Stores Leather Mid Back Desk Chair

Are you looking for a new desk chair that is more comfortable than the regular dining room chair that you are using now, but is in your price range? This desk chair from CSN Stores (now Wayfair) is affordable, easy to assemble (I did it myself) and easy to use. If you need extra comfort… Read More »

Campfire Post Roundup – Great Camping Event – Day 12

Well it’s Day 12, the last day. Whew this event was a lot of work, I hope you enjoyed it. I have a giveaway and some links to check out today. You can expect a few days break before I post anything else on this blog, I need a break. For more camping ideas, check… Read More »

Mabel’s Labels – The Great Camping Event – Day 11

Yes it’s a double dose today since we missed a day this week (remember the technical difficulties?.) Mabel’s Labels is a Canadian company (Yay Canada!) run by women (Yay! Women.) It was started by four family members in Hamilton, Ontario and has since grown to 34 employees. Mabel’s Labels has been featured on The View,… Read More »

REVIEW/GIVEAWAY: Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System

I had the pleasure of reviewing the newest product from Lysol. Have you ever gone to get some soap when you are washing your hands and you end up getting the mess that was on your hands, on to the soap dispenser? That’s happened to me. Especially when you’ve been handling raw meat All I… Read More »

REVIEW: Majesta Paper Products + science experiments by me!

Have you heard of Majesta brand paper products? I had heard of them in passing but had never really tried them until I was picked to be a Majesta Mom. These past few months I’ve been trying out Majesta products and doing special activities to get to know more about the Majesta brand. With Earth… Read More »

Review/Giveaway: coverPlug – for children’s safety

GIVEAWAY CLOSED Children are always trying to stick their fingers or toys into the plug sockets. Most stores sell those little plug covers that you can plug in, stopping your little one from electrocuting himself but the problem with those is that some older kids can get them out and they children still see the… Read More »

REVIEW: Febreze Destinations Collection

Where are you going this summer? Hawaii, Brazil, Morocco perhaps? No? Me neither. If, like me, you can’t afford to go somewhere exotic this summer, then turn to Febreze’s new Destinations/Exotic line of products to help you get the idea that you’re there! I received a lovely package in the mail a little while back… Read More »