How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Restful Paradise

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Are you having trouble getting a good night’s sleep? Turn your bedroom into a restful paradise and you’ll soon be able to snooze away.

How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Restful Paradise

A surprising number of people have trouble sleeping at night. Some people have trouble falling asleep. Some people have trouble staying asleep. Still others feel like they sleep okay and yet wake up still tired every morning. If any of these problems sound all too familiar, there’s good news on the horizon. Simply by making a concentrated effort to turn your bedroom into a restful area and to create a sleep ritual that you engage in nightly, you can start getting a good night’s sleep.

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How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Restful Paradise

The following tips will help you turn your bedroom into the restful place that you want it to be:

Remove all consumer electronics from the room

Televisions, laptops and cell phones have no place in the bedroom. When used before bed they heighten your energy levels and make restful sleep impossible. When they go off during the night, they wake you up and interrupt your sleep. Ban them all from the bedroom starting today.

Create a bedroom ritual for winding down each night

Set a bedtime and stick to it. An hour before that time, start your ritual. Do whatever calms you during this time whether that’s reading a book, taking a bath or doing some meditation. Don’t do anything at this time that boosts energy levels (like watch horror movies, play video games or engage in cardio exercise).

Make a rule about not being bothered after a certain time of the evening

That means that you tell your spouse you’re not discussing money or relationship issues at nighttime and you tell your kids that they aren’t to enter the bedroom unless it’s a serious emergency.

Add soft dim lighting to your bedroom

Harsh bright lights energize us rather than making us feel restful. You should have soft lights available in your bedroom to help you wind down at the end of the day. Lights on dimmer switches, candles on your bed stand or a task light next to the bed are all good options. Bonus tip: Paint your bedroom walls a warm color to reduce the glare off of white walls.

Spend money to make your bed super comfortable

Invest in a good bed with a high quality, comfortable mattress. Dress the bed up with luxurious sheets and really plush blankets. Make sure that you have enough pillows and that they’re all comfortable. The money you spend on this is well worth the investment!

Figure out the right temperature for your bedroom

Do you need a heating blanket or a room heater to be comfortable? Perhaps you need to crack a window or turn on a fan? Make sure that the temperature of the room is comfortable so you can get a good night’s sleep. Most people prefer a slightly cool, well-ventilated room but you should note your own particular preferences in this area.

Try some aromatherapy

Burning a little bit of lavender oil in your bedroom can help to relax you. An essential oil diffuser will make it easier to spread the scent around.

Keep any sleep aids handy by the bedside

If you are on medications that you take at night, put them in a drawer by your bed. If you require the use of a sleep apnea machine to sleep properly then make sure it’s set up near the bed. You don’t want to have to spend time searching for and setting these things up every night because it keys you up and makes it harder to relax into restful sleep.

Wake up to a soothing sound

Invest in an alarm clock that wakes you up with gentle soothing sounds rather than a blaring, jarring alarm. This helps you ease into the morning and enjoy the benefits of the sleep that you worked so hard to get!

What is the number one thing that you feel has been holding you back from getting good sleep?

This is a guest post by Kitty Vogen, a health topics writer.

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