REVIEW: Majesta Paper Products + science experiments by me!

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Have you heard of Majesta brand paper products? I had heard of them in passing but had never really tried them until I was picked to be a Majesta Mom. These past few months I’ve been trying out Majesta products and doing special activities to get to know more about the Majesta brand.

With Earth Day tomorrow, I wanted to share my findings and some information about a great contest Majesta is hosting.

Majesta products are made by the Irving Tissue Corporation, a family owned company committed to managing its operations in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner. The Irving Tissue Head Office is located in Dieppe, New Brunswick, where Majesta products have been manufactured for over twenty years.

This Earth Day, Majesta gives Moms across Canada the chance to win a $15,000 Green Makeover for their home. All you have to do to enter is visit This promotion ends June 27, 2010.

So what would I do with  $15,000 to make my house more green friendly? Well I’ve already had the windows and doors replaced, a new roof and the electrical wiring has been fixed but there are some things that could be done:

  1. Plumbing. My plumbing is bad and getting worse. I would probably use less water (which is better for the environment and my hydro bill) if the plumbing were fixed.
  2. Insulation. Our house is old and doesn’t have good insulation. You can feel a breeze at some parts and certain walls are much colder than others.
  3. Solar Panels. These would be another great thing for the environment and my hydro bill. Any time you are using less hydro, you are saving resources.

What would you do if you won? (Feel free to answer even if you aren’t eligible to enter.)

So now what about Majesta products? I was able to try out the Toilet Paper, Facial Tissue and Paper Towel. I normally buy the cheapest brand out there. It changes which cheap brand but for comparisons sake, we’ll go with Equality Brand (from Food Basics) How do they compare?

*Toughness refers to whether it rips easily or stays together (tough)

Facial Tissue

Equality Majesta
Softness Rough, scratchy Not the softest of all tissues
but 50% better than Equality
Toughness With large nose blow, it rips A little bit tougher

Toilet Paper

Equality Majesta
Softness Rough, easliy get a sore bum 60% softer, much nicer
Breakdown I’m on the new row, too! Breaks down fast, no clogging
(see shake test below for more)

Paper Towel

Equality Majesta
Absorption I put exactly one tsp of water, in two different spots on the counter. At the same time I put one paper towel from each brand on top of the puddle. Majesta started soaking up the water first but at the end it seemed quite even for the size of the water spot. However when I lifted off the paper towels, both piles had water still in it that hadn’t been soaked up but there was almost double the water in the Equality puddle as the Majesta puddle.
Toughness I put a toonie on the paper, held it
under water and it broke in 32 seconds
I put a toonie on the paper,
held it under water (same pressure)
and gave up after 125 sec., it still hadn’t broke!

Shake Test
One of the activities us Majesta Moms did is a Shake Test.  We put 4 sheets of Majesta toilet paper and 4 sheets of Charmin toilet paper into separate water bottles filled 3/4 with water. I shook each 4 times and then observed and took photos. You can see how the Charmin (C) is broken up a bit but still all together in the middle while the Majesta (M) is floating around the whole bottle.

That was the shake test, but I went one step furthur. Since the toilet paper should be going down the toilet, I decided to dump the bottles in to my toilet to see if all the toilet paper bits would come out of the bottle or if they would be stuck. Majesta (M) pretty much flowed out. There was one bit that was a bit bigger and was blocking the water bottle opening but a few shakes of the bottle got it all out. Charmin (C) would not drain completely, no matter what I tried.

I decided to try it with the Equality brand toilet paper and I took photos but since my camera does not like me, they didn’t turn out that well. Interestingly, the Equality was the best. It all broke up and poured out of the bottle with ease, no shakes needed and much quicker. It breaks up well but it also makes your bum sore so I’ll stick with Majesta. That’s not the only reason Majesta is great, check the website for a rollover description of all the company is doing to make Majesta environmentally friendly.

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