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For a person with arthritis, carpal tunnel or other problems which make gripping a regular pen painful, the UGLee pen is the first ergonomic pen designed by a doctor! Despite it’s strange shape, the UGLee pen is actually named for the doctor who designed it (Dr. Lee) and the UG stands for Ultimate Grip. The… Read More »

6 Points to Consider When Buying a Dryer

When buying a new appliance like dryers you have a lot to think about. There are lots of models out there and you don’t want to just buy the first one you see. Buying a Dryer: What to Consider Do you want Gas or Electric? Gas is cheaper on your energy bill but requires a… Read More »

REVIEW: First Alert Smoke & Fire Alarm (In Honor of the Tatas Sponsor)

We should all know how important it is to have working smoke alarms in our home and to test them regularly but many of us slack off and don’t have the right amount or have them in the right places, or test them enough. According to Fire Prevention Canada, eight Canadians die every week from… Read More »

REVIEW: Pink Ribbon Bags (In Honor of the Tatas Sponsor)

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada has partnered with Enviro Healthcare Inc. to develop an exclusive line of pink ribbon garbage bags for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  You will have an opportunity to win some of these bags starting tomorrow during the In Honor of the Tatas Event. Enviro Healthcare Inc. is a leading supplies… Read More »

(Guest Post) Beware: Dog in the House

(c) Flickr User Clay Larsen Dogs are wonderful companions to those with children or those who live alone but don’t want to be lonely. They can be the bonding link in a family, a way to test one’s ability to care for others, or added protection from both human and animal intruders. It’s a good… Read More »

REVIEW: Lovable Labels Wire Tags

Lovable Labels is a great way to keep your family organized, whether it’s their clothing, your food containers in the kitchen, books, bags or even your garbage bins. They stick very well and won’t come off if they get wet and should last a long time as they aren’t easily worn down. You can easily… Read More »

Our Plumbing Is Going Down the Drain

(c) ziptrvia I bought my house in 2005 when I was only 22. Needless to say I knew nothing about buying houses. However I wanted to do it myself, without my parents help. I didn’t have an inspector check out the house because it was an extra cost. I should have. The people who lived… Read More »

House Cleaning Tips from Reader’s Digest Canada

Flickr User go_greener_oz House Cleaning Tips Have you heard these tips before? I hadn’t! Read on to learn something new about cleaning. Light+Nylon=Bad Do you clean your jackets and coats? Unless it looks dirty, I usually never think of it. Well if you wash your nylon coat (or it just gets wet) make sure to… Read More »

REVIEW: Lysol No Touch Hand Soap System – Stainless Steel Look

Last year I reviewed the Lysol No Touch Hand Soap System and I’m happy to announce the product now comes in a new Stainless steel look to match your kitchen. If you aren`t familiar with the product, it`s a way to get soap without touching the pump and getting the germs all over it. Sure… Read More »

REVIEW: Scentsy Wickless Candle Warmer

Do you like the smell of candles but don’t like having an open flame in your house? Or perhaps you are afraid of falling asleep with a lit candle and burning down your house? Scentsy’s Wickless Candle Warmers are a great solution. It’s an electric warmer that heats up and melts the scented wax in… Read More »