Review/Giveaway: coverPlug – for children’s safety

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Children are always trying to stick their fingers or toys into the plug sockets. Most stores sell those little plug covers that you can plug in, stopping your little one from electrocuting himself but the problem with those is that some older kids can get them out and they children still see the plug and are interested in it.

coverPlug is a newer invention designed to go right over the whole outlet to keep your children safe and to make them disinterested in the whole thing. It’s simple and quick to install and can be painted to match the wall colour.

There are two little plastic prongs on the back that fit into the ground openings of a double outlet. You just need to push it into place. It is removable by an adult and can be repainted if moved to another room. It’s also nice if you just have an outlet in your house you never or rarely use that stands out a lot from the wall and you would like to cover it up.

However there are a few issues.

  1. It won’t completely cover up your outlet if it was not installed into your wall right. If it sticks out unnaturally it may not cover it completely.
  2. It doesn’t cover up those special outlets used in kitchens and bathrooms with the reset and test buttons (for safety near water)
  3. It won’t work on those really old plugs that don’t have grounding holes. (The ones that have only 2 holes for each plug, not three)

Most electrical outlets will accept the coverPlug however.

GIVEAWAY – please read carefully

I have TWO two-packs to giveaway to two lucky winners. So each winner will receive two coverPlugs.

To enter please enter your information into the google form. Your information will only be saved until a winner is picked. Email addresses and names will not be kept or used otherwise. You MUST complete the form once for EACH entry. So if you do all four entries, you have submitted the form four times.

MANDATORY ENTRY: Answer the question:

1. What is your biggest safety concern for your children? (or your grandchildren, niece/nephews, friend’s kids etc..)

BONUS ENTRIES (optional)

2. Become a follower of this blog using google friend connect (see sidebar) and tell me in the form. +1
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4. Tweet the following and leave PERMALINK (direct link) in the form +1

coverPlug Giveaway @callista83 Easy to use cover for your entire electrical outlet – keep kids safe. Till Mar 17

That’s a possible total of 4 entries. Giveaway open Worldwide until March 17, 2010


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