Bullying From a Teenager’s Point of View–Bullying Poem

My niece is a poet and she has her own blog where she posts her poems as well as a few other things called Unique Poems and Thoughts. I wanted to draw your attention to two of her most recent poems. A snippet is below with a direct link to the full poem. If you… Read More »

World Breastfeeding Week –My Thoughts on #breastfeeding #WBW2012

Aug 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week, designed to bring awareness to breastfeeding and help those who need help with it. I am currently nursing my 16 month old and I nursed my other two children. My first child was bottled fed as well because I had to stop nursing at 2.5 months because of a… Read More »

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

I just love watching The Cuteness imitate everything I do. She talks to and plays with her sister The Precious in exactly the way I do. She burps her doll by alternatly patting her and rubbing her back, just like I do with her sister. We stomp on the floor to get the friend who… Read More »

The Family Unit

The newest issue of Reader’s Digest just came in the mail today. The article under “That’s Outrageous” got me thinking and I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject. The title is The Family Unit: An Endangered Species?Let me quote a little so you know what it’s about: “Earlier this year the Ontario Court… Read More »

MMVA: Much Music Video Awards

You may or may not know that the Much Music Video Awards were tonight. I decided to watch it as nothing else was on. Honestly, I love music but have never felt the need to watch much programming ABOUT music, let alone award shows. I don’t watch the Oscars or Tonys or Golden Globes or… Read More »

Strange and Funny Names

Where do our names come from? Well first names come from our parents but last names? Sometimes they are altered from what they are in our home language and when they are made more English, they are strange. Some people create their own last name. However they get that way, I’ve come across some STRANGE… Read More »

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

I’m not a clean freak. I do something to keep my house in okay order everyday but I wouldn’t say it’s clean. I have stuff I haven’t unpacked yet, dishes on the counter, laundry piled in the basement, books and papers all over the place and you can’t see the coffee table. If I spent… Read More »


Note: Comments have been disabled for this post as I keep getting tons of spam comments on this post. I am addicted to the Country Community! What I mean is the Country graphics community. I go to one webpage and browse, order adoptions etc… then see a link to another site and go there and… Read More »


“Okay so what’s the big deal about clouds?,” you ask. A lot! Clouds are just water droplets converging in the sky, but then if they are so boring, why aren’t they just circles or ovals? What makes them form such strange shapes? Who knows??? All I know is that I like to look at pictures… Read More »

Dalai Lama Turns 71

Today was the Dalai Lama’s birthday. He turned 71. He is only one year older than my Father-in-Law. How they chose the Dalai Lama’s is very interesting. They believe that the Buddha of Compassion reincarnates himself into a new person after his “host” dies and that they have to find that person to become the… Read More »