UGMA Accounts For Your Family

When it comes to financial decisions, whether it be life insurance or investing such as UGMA accounts for your family you want to make the right decision for you and your family. It can be very confusing so you want to use the right resources to make sure you know what you’re doing. Photo by… Read More »

5 Tips for New Year Financial Decisions

Here are 5 Tips for New Year Financial Decisions that you might want to consider as the year ends. The new calendar year is a good time to rethink your insurance, look at your mortgage and check on your savings accounts. Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Responsival. New Year Financial Decisions The new… Read More »

Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire

Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire: Book 1 The Lemonade Escapade by Ty Allan Jackson is designed as a simple reader for ages 7-10 about being an entrepreneur and making money. *I received this book for review It’s from the same author of Make Your Own Money, a nonfiction book about entrepreneurship for kids. The Danny Dollar… Read More »

New Tax Credits for Canadian Families – Do Your Homework + Giveaway #FamilyTax

The following post on Tax Credits for Canadian Families is brought to you by H&R Block. As the Girl Guides always say: “Be Prepared”.  Helpful advice on any given day but even more important when it comes to tax season.  The April 30th deadline for 2014 tax returns will be here before you know it. … Read More »

Small Change Can Make a Big Difference Thanks To #ChangeItBMO

This post brought to you by BMO and written by a guest author. Small change can make a big difference As a mom of three, I do my share of shopping for the household. I can’t count the number of times I have been asked at the checkout counter: “Would you like to donate $1… Read More »

5 Tips to Teach Children About Money #CommonCentsDay

How do you know you have grown up? A big indicator is when you start worrying about money. When you consider money before spending or doing something, I think that means you’ve grown up. Once you have children of your own, you have to figure out how to teach children about money.   5 Tips… Read More »

10 Simple Steps to Better Fuel Economy

With the price of gas so high lately, everyone is looking for ways to make their gas last longer, to get a better fuel economy. Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. Regardless, I only share information I believe in. See my disclosure policy for more.

5 Tax Tips for Canadian Families

If you haven’t tackled your taxes yet this year, these tax tips for Canadian families should help you prepare, or at least answer a few questions. The tax deadline is April 30, 2013 so don’t put it off too long! My father used to joke (at least I hope it was a joke!) that he… Read More »

Getting My Income Taxes Done at H&R Block Canada #incometax #tax

Does the thought of doing your income taxes fill you with dread? It does for many Canadians. Figuring out what slips you need, what information goes in what spot and if you might be missing something important are very stressful. Why fret and sweat, trying to figure out your taxes when you can have qualified… Read More »

Guest Post: 10 Ways To Make Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom

The following is a guest post by Randall Davidson of Audio Transcription. Although the economy is slowly starting to turn around, millions of people across the country are still out of work and struggling financially. Many stay-at-home moms are facing the difficult choice between being at home to raise their children and returning to work… Read More »