Are You Happy With Your Skin Colour?

Are You Happy With Your Skin Colour? Why is that we can’t just be happy with how we look? Most of us spend tons of money and time changing how we look to match more of what we think of as the “ideal.” Unhappiness is Everywhere It’s not just those in North America either. While… Read More »

Making Time For Your Spouse (The Mommy Mindset)

A few of us bloggers get together to chat about parenting issues. This time we focused on out spouses. I’d love for you to add your thoughts in the comments. How do you make time for your spouse? Valerie: Doing things as a family and also making time for date night. We really try to… Read More »

Ivory Wants Canadians To Take Back the Simple Moments #IvorySoap

Ivory is a brand name I think all Canadians are familiar with. Ivory soap products go back many years. Ivory is re-launching in Canada and in honour of that, they surveyed Canadians asking them which tasks made their lives the most complicated. Results: – Financial management/budgeting (44 per cent) – Household chores (41 per cent)… Read More »

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

I just found out that today is a day dedicated to eliminating the phobia surrounding those in the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Questiong, Transgendered and Transexual community. Getting rid of discriminations against the GLBQT community is important to me. I’m heterosexual but I have no problem with people of other orientations. For more information on see… Read More »