Neakasa by Neabot S1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit

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Is your pet grooming routine not going as well as you had hoped? Then, perhaps you need the Neakasa by Neabot S1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit. You won’t believe what this product can do.

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Neakasa by Neabot S1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit

Neakasa by Neabot S1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit

This thing looks like it’s from another planet, but in a good way. It’s a state of the art pet grooming kit with a vacuum and eight tools for shedding, clipping, trimming and home cleaning. All the accessories fit into the base of the fur storage container for easy transport from room to room.

It is useful daily, monthly and whenever. Daily you can groom your dog or cat especially if your have a very furry one. Then monthly you can trim her fur or give a more detailed shave down in the summer. Whenever it is needed, you can clean the fur off your furniture with the same product.

Do you have a very hairy dog or cat? You won’t have to worry about the fur floating around your house with this device. It vacuums the fur directly into a storage bin that you can easily empty at your convenience. I always disliked that part of pet grooming. I would brush my dog outside so the fur would scatter in the air. However then you have it flying in your face.

What is Included

You’ll find the following tools included: Pin brush, De-shedding tool, Dematting tool, Electric Clippers, Paw Trimmer, Nail Grinder, Lint roller and Crevice tool. Everything you need all in one! The electric clippers come with 6 sizes for different lengths of fur.

The Packaging

Can you believe the packaging can be repurposed into a cardboard house for small dogs or cats to play in? Isn’t that unique? Simply follow the instructions to change the cardboard box into a little house. What a sweet idea. Don’t have a small dog or cat? Share with someone you know!

Noiseless Grooming

If you’re wondering if the vacuum will scare your pet, don’t worry. You can groom your pet noiselessly and then when you’re ready to suck the hair into the vacuum, press a button to do so. This can be done when your pet has gone if you groom them often enough.

Where to Buy

It can be purchased at Amazon or check your local stores.

Neakasa by Neabot S1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit

What an amazing product for dogs or cats or perhaps even rabbits or guinea pigs, who knows! This would make a great gift for the animal lover in your life or yourself if you have lots of pets. It can be used for the long haired or short haired or curly haired pets in your life. It collects 99% of pet hair!

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