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Iceberg by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Have you ever wondered what it was like during the times of the Titanic? Perhaps you’ve watched the movie or perhaps not, but maybe you prefer to read about it?

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

If you are looking for a fiction novel that centers around the Titanic incident, Iceberg by Jennifer A. Nielsen may be what you’re looking for.

Summary: Hazel Rothbury is traveling all alone from her home in England aboard the celebrated ship Titanic. Following the untimely death of her father, Hazel’s mother is sending her to the US to work in a factory, so that she might send money back home to help her family make ends meet.

But Hazel harbors a secret dream: She wants to be a journalist, and she just knows that if she can write and sell a story about the Titanic’s maiden voyage, she could earn enough money to support her family and not have to go to a sweatshop. When Hazel discovers that mother didn’t send her with enough money for a ticket, she decides she must stow away onboard the storied ship.

With the help of a porter named Charlie and a sweet first-class passenger named Sylvia, Hazel explores the opulent ship in secret, but a haunting mystery quickly finds her. The danger only intensifies when calamity strikes, and readers will be caught up in the terror and suspense alongside Hazel as she fights to save her friends and herself.

Bestselling author Jennifer A. Nielsen weaves an extraordinary tapestry of survival and disaster in this magnificent thriller.

Thoughts on Iceberg

This Scholastic book is not nonfiction and isn’t about a specific person who really was on the Titanic. It is a juvenile thriller novel designed to reel you in to the Titanic as it’s bound for a disaster. However it goes much more deep than that. It is considered historical fiction as well though so a lot is based in fact. At the end of the book there is an author’s note that allows the reader to guess what was fact and what was fiction. Then the answers are given.

If it’s not too scary I will be reading this as a read aloud for my homeschool in April when we learn about the Titanic. Although I haven’t read the whole book yet, I flipped through and read parts all throughout the book and it sounds very interesting.

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