Delores Thesaurus

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Are you looking for a cute way to introduce vocabulary to your child or teach them to love learning words? Or perhaps you just want a cute book to read? Delores Thesaurus by Jessica Lee Hutchings might be just that book.

Delores Thesaurus by Jessica Lee Hutchings

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Do big words suit me? Indubitably! Do they suit Delores? Look inside and see. Dolores loves collecting words! Come join her on an adventure that celebrates the joy of language. This light-hearted and word-driven picture book encourages readers to expand their vocabularies as they follow a charming Dolores on an endearing adventure.

Delores Thesaurus is a cute book. She collects big words so she’ll sound grown up but she doesn’t realize something very important until the end. The book contains a mini thesaurus at the beginning and end of the book with all the big words she collects including synonyms and antonyms.

This would be a good book to introduce dictionaries and thesauruses to your child or students or to start off a unit on vocabulary. Or as stated, could be used just as a fun picture book too.

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