End of Year Homeschool Activities

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Around this time of year the teacher blogs are full of cool ideas for the end of the year. However a lot of them aren’t applicable to homeschoolers. For example it doesn’t make sense to have my child write a letter to her future teacher or a future student of my class. Here are some end of year homeschool activities you CAN do.

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End of Year Homeschool Activities

End of Year Homeschool Activities

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Have Theme Days

Follow a specific theme day in May or June or just make one up. You can totally declare that next Monday will be popsicle day. Eat popsicles, write about popsicles, to popsicle math, whatever you want. Search Pinterest and Google for ideas. Other summer theme ideas: Ice Cream Day, Beach Day (go to the beach or dress up in swimwear and play in sprinklers), Camping Day (do school in the backyard in a tent!), Sports Day or Sun Day (learn about sun safety).

Do a Review

There are lots of fun ways to do a math or literacy review before the next year. This is less important with homeschooling but it’s good to go over what they’ve learned before the summer. Try these math mysteries from Twinkl. You could create a bingo or jeopardy game if you’re creative. I also love this Jenga review game from Learning with Miss LaGrow. Just click the link and a box will let you sign up for her newsletter which allows you to download the freebie.


Whether these printable Literacy Games from Twinkl or actual board games, this is a fun way to learn at the end of the year. Learn more about gameschooling if you want to include games into your homeschool more regularly.

Field Trips

The end of the school year is a great time for field trips. It’s warm out and you can take advantage of the public schoolers still being in school so the place you go will be more empty. I suggest anywhere you can be outside such as a nature reserve, park or outdoor tour.

Do Read aloud Outside

Choose a shaded spot outside your house or at the park to do your read aloud. Read more than normal and don’t forget snacks and drinks. Then take a break to play outside before coming back to reading.

Computer Games

There are tons of free games that can be played on the computer or an ipad. While you don’t want them on electronics all the time, the end of the year is a good time to give them a little more time. Try RoomRecess.com or toytheater.com

End of Year Recap (+freebie)

I’ve seen lots of recaps, year in review or year reflection sheets around the net. They are great looking but most of them say grade levels (not all homeschoolers use grade levels) and most of them say things like what would you tell your next year’s teacher or what advice would you give to an upcoming kid in your grade.

So I’ve created a simple End of Year Reflection for homeschoolers. You can download it below. I’ve included 4 versions. Colour and Black and White of US and UK/CANADA spellings. You aren’t required to sign up for my new newsletter but if you want to sign up, you can do so. (PS – Thanks!)



End of Year Party

We always like to do an end of year party. We brainstorm ideas first, putting everyone’s ideas down, even if they might not be doable. You never know what you can come up with. I was told a story of a group of Sparks (youngest member of Girl Guides of Canada.) One child said she wanted to wrestle crocodiles. They wrote it down. They ended up finding someone with a blow up alligator and they brought it in and wrestled the alligator! When you brainstorm, write EVERY idea down. Do the kids want to go bowling? Stay in and eat pizza and play games? Do a video game session? Hit the park? Do whatever the kids want.

What do you do at the end of the year?

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