Meet the Mysticons – female hero toys

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Playmates Toys has a new line of toys that will interest your daughters! Meet the Mysticons!

These female heroes are on a quest to save their magical world from evil! Arkayna, Zarya, Em and Piper are not afraid! They are strong, confident, smart and funny – everything you want from a hero.

Mysticons is a TV show on YTV and Nickelodeon and now you can bring them home to your living room.

Disclosure: We received a Mysticon in exchange for an honest review.

Meet the Mysticons

Meet the MysticonsLeft to Right: Arkayna, Zarya, Em and Piper

Arkayna is honorable, determined and idealistic. She’s a princess, but packs some serious punch. As a Mysticon she is transformed into the powerful Dragon Mage, wielding a magical staff to defend the realm, and her friends from dark forces.

Zarya is tough, wily, and a fierce protector of her “family” of street kids. She acts as a big sister figure to Piper. As a Mysticon, she becomes the Ranger, battling the baddies with her magic bow and sharp aim. Her pet Choko, a big eared creature called a foz is always by her side to lend a paw to the Mysticons.

Em is smart, empathetic and innovative and the engineer of the group. She is a dwarf who left home and grew up with Arkayna as the Royal griffin handler, and as her BFF. She transforms into the Mysticon Knight. Her magical weapons are a unicorn crested shield, and sword.

Piper loves fun, pranks and is the comic relief of the group. She’s grown up with Zarya in the Undercity. She’s an elf, naturally acrobatic and uses her ninja-like skills as the Mysticon Striker to make the most of her fiery hoop weapons. You’ll hear her fierce battle cry before you see her.




The dolls are on the small side being 6, 6.5 or 7 inches tall depending on which one you get. Each comes with a pet, weapon and a trading card. The trading card can be scanned with the Mysticons App to open digital quests in the game.

The doll is very articulated, with a full 12 points of articulation so they can sit or stand in a number of fighting for good poses.  The toys are designed for ages 4 and up although I wouldn’t get it for the younger crowd if they still put small things in their mouths. My 4 year old loves it.

I love the idea of female heroes that aren’t just female versions of a male hero (like Batgirl or Supergirl.) These girls aren’t afraid to do what’s right and that’s a great message for our girls.

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