Disney Learning Explore Music Books

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Disney and Hal Leonard have joined together to bring you three interactive Disney Learning Explore Music Books to enjoy with your children.

They each have a musical component that you can join in with as you read. Alternatively, you can access the online version of each book to have it read to you or to sing along with the song that accompanies each story.

Disclosure: We were sent some of these books in exchange for a review. This post also contains affiliate links.

Disney Learning with Hal Leonard - Three Books to learn for musical exploration and fun

The Disney Learning Explore Music Books

  • TANGLED: IT’S BETTER WHEN YOU SING IT – A Musical Exploration Storybook
  • MICKEY’S FOUND SOUNDS – A Musical Exploration Storybook
  • MOANA: THE BEAT OF YOUR HEART – A Musical Exploration Activity Book

Each of these three books explores a different part of music: Singing (Tangled), Sounds (Mickey) and Beat (Moana).

Online Learning

Each Disney Learning Explore Music book has a web version where you can choose from three choices: Read-Along, Sing-Along and Activities. You can only access these with the special url given at the end of each book.

Read-Along will read the book for you. Follow along with it and your child while you watch and listen to the book.

Sing-Along sings the special song that is at the end of each book with the words shows so you can sing along. Each song relates to the musical topic of the book.

Activities contains activities that are included in the book.

This is the best section in the Moana book in my opinion. .

In the Moana book you make and play on certain types of tribal drums or practice beats with your hands. In the Activities section of Moana you can see a video of a real person playing the real tribal drums and practicing the beat.

Tangled: It’s Better When You Sing It

Disney Princess Tangled: It's Better When You Sing It (Disney Learning Explore Music)

We really liked the Tangled book. My daughters all love to sing but they don’t necessarily know HOW to sing.

I’m certainly not going to be able to teach them! (My singing sucks!)

The book taught us about Tempo (how fast or slow music is) and how to change how high or low our voice is, how to use our lungs properly when singing and some sound games.

We are shown how to create our own songs and how to use singing to express feelings. We learn how to learn a song and what a duet is too.

My 3 year old loved this book but it was enjoyed by my 10 year old too.

Even I enjoyed it! It was fun to play singing games with my daughters.

Then we moved on to beats.

Moana: The Beat of Your Heart

Disney Moana: The Beat of Your Heart (Disney Learning Explore Music)

In the Moana book we learn about what a beat is and how to carry one with our hands.

We learn that the beat is around us, inside us and in our clapping. There are clapping patterns to follow. This reminded me of early music classes in grade school where we followed a pattern.

We create our own motions to add to the clapping and then we are introduced to four different tribal drums.

Each drum page explains the drum, shows you how to make one of your own and how to play it.

Finally we create our own drum celebration.

I especially liked the included song for this book.

The third book is with Mickey Mouse.

Mickey’s Found Sounds

Disney Mickey & Friends Mickey's Found Sounds (Disney Learning Explore Music)

This one is the best for a younger crowd.

The Mickey story is more like a regular story at first. Then the rest of the book is how to make instruments from everyday items such as: paper towel tube, construction paper, glass jars, plastic bucket, hole punch, beans, rubber bands, wooden spoons and more.

Make some drums, a shaker, a kazoo and a xylophone. The book shows you step by step.

After you make them the book has a little song that you can play along with using your new instruments.

(If you go online and have the book read to you, you can use your instruments to play along.)

Where to Buy

The Disney Learning Series is available on Amazon and you should be able to find them in most bookstores, at least to purchase online. You can also buy them directly from halleonard.com

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