Personalized Attire with Logo Sportswear + My Blogging Shirt

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Logo Sportswear is an online store that sells personalized items such as t-shirts jackets, baseball caps, bags, totes and more.

What Would I Use Personalized Sportswear?

Put your company or team logo on them. Perhaps make a bunch of shirts for a reunion or event. Use free design templates or free embroidery designs or create your own. If you don’t like embroidered designs, perhaps you want digital screen printing.

You can purchase only one of each item but the site is designed more for buying multiples of one type of shirt. I was able to design one shirt so naturally, I made a blogging one. The laptop image in my shirt below was one of their free ones I could use. I added the words. I chose the colours of the shirt, image and text. I paid a little more to print a light colour on a dark shirt.

Personalized Attire from Logo Sportswear (I Love Blogging Shirt)

Tons of Choices for Personalized Attire

There are many items to choose from and many types of each item as well. You can sort your results by colour, brand, style, features, price, fabric, size options and decoration type.

As you build your ideal product, it will show what it should look like so you can visualize it.


The shirt I ordered was $25.95 but I paid extra for a plus size and since I wanted a light colour on a dark shirt. 2XL and 3XL are an extra $3 while 4XL and 5XL are an extra $4. (These prices are before shipping.) However if you will be ordering a larger quantity for an event or company say, than the price per item goes down. For example 12 of these shirts would only cost $14.19 each. Cost depends on which item you pick and what type of personalization you are looking for (embroidery, screen printing etc.) I found the prices to be average.

The Design Process

I found the designer easy to use. What took a long time was making up my mind with what I wanted. Luckily you can save any design you make to go back to later.


My Blogging Shirt

I love my shirt, it came pretty fast, even though it was shipped international for me. I think of it like my blogging uniform, it’s too bad I don’t have more, one for each day! I was happy with the quality and it washed well. It is one of my favourite shirts.

I would recommend Logo Sportswear for someone planning to get shirts for a large group.

*Disclosure: I or a member of my review team received the product mentioned above free of charge by the company or PR representative in exchange for this post. No other compensation was provided. See my Disclosure Policy for more information.

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