Milestones, Weaning and Natrel’s Baboo #NatrelBaboo

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My son Liam hit 18 months on Sept 29 and since then, I’ve been reminiscing of how much he’s grown since he was born. As my third child, it seems like time moved even quicker as with your first child, it seems like it takes forever for them to reach each milestone:

  • Smiling/Laughing
  • Rolling
  • Sitting
  • Crawling/Walking
  • Feeding Self
  • and so much more

At (now) 19 months, Liam speech is amazing and he runs and climbs. No more slow toddling ahead. At 18 months I decided it was time for us to get started on the weaning journey. After 12 months I had offered him cow’s milk a few times but he really had no interest in it. At 18 months, I was getting ready to go on a trip, gone 24 hours total and I wanted him to be able to get his nourishment from milk since I wouldn’t be there to nurse him. If he had no choice (i.e. I wasn’t there) he would drink it but he still preferred breast milk. I am both sad that breastfeeding is almost done with and happy to have my body back and be able to leave him overnight.

I was offered a chance to try Natrel’s Baboo, a milk drink for ages 12-24 months to help transition from formula or breastmilk to regular milk.


How is Baboo Different?

Easy to digest, because it has a lower protein content than regular milk and provides a whey/casein ratio close to that of breast milk.

4% fat content.

Contains a natural source of Omega-3 DHA.

Excellent source of calcium.

A source of vitamins A, C, D, E and B6.

Made with fresh Natrel milk.

Ready to drink and does not need to be diluted or reconstituted.

Can be stored at room temperature thanks to its packaging, which is 100% impervious to oxygen and light and preserves Baboo’s great taste and nutritional content.


I love that it didn’t need to be store in the fridge till opened. This makes it perfect for storing in your diaper bag just in case. Also it comes in one big 1L Tetrapak or a set of 6 little 250 mL ones with straws for your older toddler to just drink herself.  Tetrapak cartons are recyclable so you can save on dishes and be good for the environment.

My son liked the taste and didn’t seem to notice any difference in taste from the cow’s milk he was drinking. This is good because later when you switch to regular milk, your child wont’ even notice a difference so the change should be seamless. It doesn’t have any odor and if you saw it sitting in a glass, you would think it was regular milk.

My Suggestions for Uses:

  1. You are weaning off breastmilk or formula (at 12 months+)  but you are worried about losing the extra nutrients your child is getting (Baboo has vitamins and Omega-3s)
  2. You are weaning and your child has digestion issues. (Baboo is easily digested)
  3. You use regular milk already but you want something you can bring with you easily without worrying about refrigeration (Baboo can be stored at room temp till open.)
  4. You breastfeed (12 months+) but want something more than regular milk to leave with her when she is being cared for by others.
  5. He’s was a preemie and the doctor said you can stop formula but you are worried about losing the extra nutrition.
  6. You are having trouble getting your child off the bottle (Baboo comes in cartons with straws.)

Baboo is sold in the 10 Canadian Provinces in most major chains and grocery and pharmacy chains. The SRP is $3.29/L or $6.99/six-pack.

Baboo’s F.A.Q. has tons of great information if you want to know more, here are a few interesting things I learned:

Why was this product developed?

  • Baboo is the first Canadian dairy product especially designed for toddlers aged 12-24 months to ensure a smooth transition from breast milk or infant formula to regular milk.
  • Baboo is the culmination of two years of R&D at Natrel.
  • This category of toddler dairy product has been available in parts of Europe and other parts of the world for more than 20 years, but nothing like it has existed in Canada until now.

What are the ingredients?

  • Baboo only has six ingredients: reconstituted ultrafiltered milk permeate, whole milk enriched with vitamin D3, cream, whey protein concentrate, acerola cherry juice concentrate powder and algal oil (Omega-3 DHA).

Can I use your Natrel Baboo for cooking and baking?

  • Yes, you can interchange whole milk with Natrel Baboo in any cooking or baking recipes, it will keep its properties. For recipes go to

If it has a shelf-life of up to 4 months, how could it possibly be fresh?

  • Often chilled milk is referred to as “fresh” but the “freshest” form of milk comes directly from a cow and isn’t cold when it comes out.
  • Aseptic technology used by Tetra Pak protects Baboo from light and oxygen, sealing in the fresh nutrients of the dairy product, without preservatives, using Ultra High Temperature during the packaging process, which is why Tetra Pak’s motto is “protect what’s good”.

Would You Like to Try Some?

Baboo is giving away 50,000 free coupons on the Natrel Baboo Facebook Page.

Disclosure – I am participating in the Baboo Blog Tour by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Natrel. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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