REVIEW: Makenzie Caine Music – Take This Town

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Makenzie Caine, Actor and Musician has a CD out called Take This Town.

Mackenzie Caine Take This Town

Makenzie Caine’s music is Indie Pop with a folk/country vibe.

You can listen to the Take This Town Song Here:

Take This Town by Makenzie Caine

My younger daughter absolute LOVES this song, especially the line that goes:
“The strong ones, the brokenhearted.”

Although she keeps thinking she is saying: “The straw wants the brokenhearted.”

It’s always nice to find music that the whole family can enjoy. It’s not kid’s music but my daughter likes it. It’s beautiful and inspiring.  She also sings along with Young Marine.

The focus seems to be on her voice more than the accompaniment which I think is refreshing. A lot of the music I enjoy, it’s more about the beat, often I can’t even tell what the words are. Makenzie has a beautiful voice and she’s not afraid to hide it.

Song List:

  1. Take This Town
  2. Young Marine
  3. Pretty in Red
  4. Sweet Baby
  5. Butterfly
  6. You’re a Doll
  7. Moonshadow

Pretty in Red makes use of a choir which adds another element to the music as each song is not only Makenzie’s voice.  Butterfly is a slower song, good for falling asleep to. It almost sounds like a lullaby.

The CD comes in a cardboard case with original artwork by Jessi Blackham.

Makenzie Caine

You can get a digital download of album for $6.99 USD or a physical CD for $10 USD which is an awesome price.

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You will have a chance to win the Take This Town CD and a package of her MakieDoll Cards which she also makes starting Sept 16 in the Family Entertainment Extravaganza Hop:You're a Doll Cards

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