REVIEW: Brugo Mug – Temperature Controlled Hot Beverage Travel Mug

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Do you drink a lot of hot beverages like Coffee, Tea or even Hot Chocolate? Do you burn your tongue on the first sip and then half way through have to dump the rest because it’s gone cold? Not anymore!

The Brugo Mug is a uniquely designed mug that controls the temperature of your hot drink so that each sip is the perfect temperature.

There is a special chamber at the top of the cup and when you have it set to tip/sip, you can tip the cup to put a bit of the drink into the chamber, then swirl a few times to cool it, and then sip it! The more you swirl, the cooler the sip will be. Then when the rest of the drink is cool enough (less than half left), you can set it to sip and just sip normally.

There are three settings on the lid:

1. Lock – Makes the cup spill proof, lock it when say it’s on your desk and you aren’t drinking from it or it’s in your cup holder in the car.
2. Sip – You use this when your drink is less than half and cooled enough that it won’t burn you anymore. This makes it act like a regular mug.
3. Tip and Cool – What makes this mug unique – allows the drink to enter the special cooling chamber.

The cups are well designed, heavy enough to not tip over easy but not so heavy it hurts to hold it. They come in a wide variety of colours and even in some muted darker colours in the executive collection.

See how it works:

I don’t drink coffee or tea but I tried it with Hot Chocolate. It took me a little while to get the hang of how much to tip and how much to swirl to get the desired temperature of drink but I figured it out. At one point when the drink was about half full, I figured I didn’t need to swirl anymore because I had forgotten about my drink for about 20 minutes. So I switched to regular sip and took a drink and burned my mouth! I’m not used to a drink staying so hot for so long!

If you drink a hot beverage every now and again and usually always in a house or building, you may not need the Brugo but this is definitely great for those who drink coffee while in the car or on the go in any other way or who love their drinks very hot. My mother loves her tea hot so she has to drink it really fast or it will cool down and she won’t like it. I will be giving her my Brugo Mug so she can enjoy her tea and still drink it hot.

The Brugo Mug would make an AWESOME gift for a coffee or tea lover in your life. A belated Christmas gift, birthday gift, upcoming Mother’s or Father’s Day gift, or just an anyday gift!

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