Rafflecopter Roundup: The Tiniest Tiger Book + Colouring Book (US/CAN/AU/EU)

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Rafflecopter Round Up Giveaway

I’m happy to be participating in the Rafflecopter Roundup event from Sep 21 – 25, hosted by Makobi Scribe and Simply Stacie. I’ve been using rafflecopter for a month or so now and I love it. I love entering using it too. In fact I’ve barely entered any giveaways not using rafflecopter since it came out and I’ve noticed my giveaways get more entries too.

My prize is a Signed hardcover copy of  The Tiniest Tiger plus colouring book. I reviewed The Tiniest Tiger on my book blog previously.

Book Description: Children and adults will revel in this charming and brilliantly told tale of a forlorn and scruffy little kitten with a black stained nose and a striped tail that tries to find a home among the “big” cats that reside at the local zoo. Young readers will especially delight in this truly literary and fully illustrated lesson that advocates the protection of endangered species. When a stray kitten loses her way and is displaced from the only alley she has ever known, she squeezes her tiny body under the fence at the zoo and begins a long and tireless hunt for a home. Her search leads her to a tiger and into a lion’s den by way of a cheetah, clouded leopard, puma, jaguar, bobcat, and an ocelot. She learns a lot about what she isn’t, but gets no closer to finding a home until she is spotted by the zookeeper’s daughter and learns that there is truly a special spot for every cat—even the tiniest tiger—under the sun. – from http://conservationcubclub.com/

The colouring book has 16 pages for colouring and 4 puzzles. If your child likes cats, wild or domestic, this would be a great prize. If you’ve never entered with rafflecopter before, check out this video. Let me know in the comments if you have any problems. You have to click Read More below to enter if the widget isn’t showing up.

After you enter my giveaway, be sure to check out all the other giveaways using the linky below!

Also be sure to check out The Tiniest Tiger Conservation Cub Club blog, a great blog for any pet lover!

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