Our Plumbing Is Going Down the Drain

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I bought my house in 2005 when I was only 22. Needless to say I knew nothing about buying houses. However I wanted to do it myself, without my parents help.

I didn’t have an inspector check out the house because it was an extra cost. I should have. The people who lived in this house before me tried to do redecorating and renovation by themselves and did it all wrong. Nothing is right in this house. We’ve had the electrical fixed the windows and roof done, but the plumbing is still messed up.

There is no trap between the bathtub and the toilet, the kitchen sink doesn’t drain right, the bathroom sink doesn’t drain right, the basement tub often overflows, the bathtub tap is broken and who knows what else. I’m so sick of something or another not working right.

It doesn’t help that my children won’t stop putting or dropping things down the bathroom drain. Q-tips, toilet paper, even goldfish crackers (why were they in the bathroom?) Kids do the strangest things.

I really need to get a plumber in here to redo everything!

What items have your children put or dropped down the drain?

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