House Cleaning Tips from Reader’s Digest Canada

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House Cleaning Tips
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House Cleaning Tips

Have you heard these tips before? I hadn’t! Read on to learn something new about cleaning.


Do you clean your jackets and coats? Unless it looks dirty, I usually never think of it. Well if you wash your nylon coat (or it just gets wet) make sure to hang it to dry in a DARK place. Why? Light can damage nylon so keep it out of direct light whenever you can (i.e. when you are not wearing it.)

Paint Tips

Have you painted your house lately? I have. Have you ever thought about how to make it easy to use the leftover paint again? Label the can with paint colour number, date of purchase and a dot of colour. When pouring paint, pour so that paint doesn’t cover the instructions on use and care so you will be able to read it again next time.

Don’t Sabotage Your Stove Cleaning Efforts

Are you guilty of not cleaning up spills on the stove right away? I am. I’m busy serving up 3 kids and 2 adults, usually while my baby is fussing or even crying so it’s the last thing on my mind. If you’ve waited too long and the spill is cooked on the stove, just use more elbow grease, maybe a soaking, or some vinegar or even an all-purpose cleaner. But do NOT use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers. They will just scratch the surface and new spills will just cling to these scratches, making them even harder to remove.

Sock Eating Dryers

Do you lose socks in the laundry? I think we all do. Give each family member their own colour mesh bag to put their dirty socks in. Wash them in the bag and put the whole bag in their clean laundry to put it away. Voila, no missing socks.

Kitchen Clutter

Keep your kitchen counter clear of non cooking clutter such as purses, phones, books etc. Not only do these make it cluttered but they can leave germs behind on food preparation surfaces.

Organize Cabinets

Are your kitchen cabinets disorganized? Take food staples (flour, sugar, cereal) out of their original packaging and put them in stackable containers so you can fit more in.

Find these tips and more on house cleaning at Reader’s Digest Canada.

Have you heard these tips before? Do you do any of them? Do you have any house cleaning tips? Please share!

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