Guest Post: Carnival Birthday Party

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Another budget birthday party idea from The Budget Diet girl!

A carnival birthday party works for most any age and can be done both indoors & out!

Here are the ingredients for success:



Carnival Booth Ideas:

The key to keeping this a budget birthday party is to use things you have. Take a walk around your house, and I’m sure you’ll come up with all sorts of carnival booth ideas!

Take a look at some of the booths I used for my son’s 4 year old birthday party & my daughter’s 8 year old birthday party.

Basketball Throw – if you have a basketball goal, use it!

Pie in the Face – pie tins, whipped cream & willing volunteer!

Wet Sponge Toss – just like pie in the face, but it’s a wet sponge!

Golf – if you have a putter & a golf ball…let the children try to putt into a plastic cup! This works best indoors on carpet.

Guess Your Weight – pull out your bathroom scale, the children guess their own weight & then stand on the scale.

Fortune Teller – have a friend or family member dress up like a fortune teller (scarves, lots of jewelry) & tell fortunes.

Fish Pond – keep it simple, use a toy fishing pole & attach the prize with a clothes pin!

Penny Drop – put a shot glass inside of a big glass bowl, fill it with water & the children try to drop a penny into the shot glass!

Hula Hoop

Face Painting

Concession Stand – popcorn & sodas

Carnival Prizes: is a great place to pick up inexpensive prizes! If your child is old enough…set a budget & let them choose the prizes!

Everybody’s a winner! If they don’t win the game…give them a piece of candy.



Carnival Tickets & Goody Bags:

Each child gets a bag with their name on it when they arrive. The dollar store & Hobby Lobby both have lots of inexpensive, colorful bags.

Each child will get enough tickets to play each game 1 time.

The bags will be used to collect their prizes, and it becomes their “instant” goody bag!



Carnival Cake:

A cupcake walk is great fun…think mini-cake walk!

Use sidewalk chalk to number the spaces in your driveway or if you’re indoors…set-up chairs.

Start the music, stop the music, choose a number & that person chooses their cupcake!

Continue until everyone has a cupcake!

I made all white cupcakes, & I just changed the frosting & decorations!

Carnival Helpers:
This is a great opportunity for family & friends to get involved in the birthday celebration!
Carnival Invitations:

Just a simple piece of clip art mounted on pink & green paper!

I promise, the children won’t miss the expensive bounce house!

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