REVIEW: Jingle the Husky Pup Interactive Storybook & Story Buddy

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When I saw this cute book-toy set in a Hallmark flyer, I thought it was the cutest idea and something every child would love. So I contacted them and they were nice enough to send one along for me to review.

This is the first Interactive Storybook from Hallmark but they have plans for future ones in 2011. The book is titled Jingle All the Way and as you read key phrases from the book, Jingle the Husky Pup responds with barks, whines and other doggy noises.

The stuffed dog is really cute, with a really big head that makes it top heavy and a cute little bell around it’s neck. My kids love him. He looks just like he does in the book. When you are ready to read, you just press a button in his ear and he’s ready to go. Turn him off when you are done to conserve batteries.

The story is a GREAT story. Although it mentions Christmas and you see some of Santa, it’s more of a holiday book than a Christmas book. It teaches that everyone deserves a home, especially for Christmas.

An adult or older child should read this book as you have to speak clearly for Jingle to respond. If the words are stumbled over or there is too much background noise, Jingle may not respond properly.

I brought the story to our Spark/Brownie meeting and to playgroup to share. All 12 children total loved it. I was going to send it with my daughter to her JK class but didn’t get around to it since she was sick one day but another teacher brought it in and her class of 45 loved it. At playgroup, the older kids listened attentively while the younger ones (under 2) zoned out of the story but perked up every time Jingle made a peep. If it wasn’t for Jingle, the under 2s would have wandered off but they started to watch Jingle, anticipating that he would make a sound again. A few times Jingle barked when he wasn’t supposed to or didn’t bark when he was supposed to but that was because the classroom next door was unusually loud.

My only qualm… Jingle should have responded more. I think he should have had something to “say” on EACH page.

After you fall in love with Jingle, you may be interested to know Hallmark also has a Jingle the Husky Pup keepsake ornament, Jingle webcam greetings and an iphone/ipad app.

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