Tent Camping Tips from a Tent Camper

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I love camping but you won’t have as much fun as you could if you are not prepared and that is where Tent Camping Tips come in. I’m a Girl Guide leader and between Girl Guides and family camping I’ve been camping for 28+ years so I know what I’m talking about.

If you are planning on camping in a tent but you have never tented before don’t just take a brand new tent camping without even having opened it or anything.

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Tent Camping Tips - Tips for Buying, Prepping and Using Your Tents

Tent Camping Tips

Pick The Right Size Tent

A two-man tent fits two average sized people with NO gear. You want at LEAST one size up from what you need, two for extra room for a lot of gear or larger people. If you want it to be more like a house, go even bigger. We use an 11-man tent for 2 adults and 2 kids. We have a room for kids, a room for us and room for our stuff PLUS an entry room for shoes, camp chairs, rain coats etc.

Prep The Tent

Before you even use it, read the instructions carefully and practice putting it up and taking it down. If it’s confusing, add some colored electrical tape to remind you what pole goes where. Pay attention to how the tent was folded as you unfold it so you know how to fold it back up. Some tents are folded in thirds and some in quarters. The instructions don’t always say. Basically it should be the width of the pole bag when you roll it. You should also put seam sealer on all the seams before use.

Setting It Up

Before you put it up you need to clear the ground of twigs, rocks and other debris and make sure you aren’t setting it up in a valley or you’ll be underwater if it rains. Put a tarp down so that it covers the entire area the tent will be in but does NOT stick out from underneath it. This will provide extra warmth and padding but if it sticks out, water will pool underneath you if it rains.

Use and Care

When you get in and out of the tent, make sure you open the vertical zipper as tall as you are and the bottom zipper at least halfway over. If you try to squeeze through the opening, you can wreck the zipper and catch your hair.


The tent has a fly to help keep rain out of your tent. Sealing it before use helps too. Also make sure your guy lines (the ropes from the fly to the ground.) are kept tight. Check them everyday. If they are loose, the fly will touch the tent and rain will get in. Your gear and yourself should NEVER touch the sides of the tent or that will cause leaks. If you do get a leak, use your finger to touch where it’s leaking and run your finger slowly down the wall to the bottom. This should make the water run down instead of in your tent.

Putting It Away

If it is raining or did rain before you put the tent away, you will have to put it up again at home, as soon as it’s done raining so it can properly dry. NEVER put away a wet tent for good.

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