The Great Camping Event – July 26 – Aug 6, 2010

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I’m pleased to announce a great cross-blog event I’m holding called The Great Camping Event. On BOTH of my blogs Callista’s Ramblings and SMS Book Reviews, I’ll be featuring product reviews and giveaways (on Callista’s Ramblings), book reviews and giveaways (on SMS Book Reviews) and camping posts and guest posts (on Callista’s Ramblings and SMS Book Reviews.)

Stop by my two blogs during the two week period for everything camping. Okay well maybe not everything. I won’t be camping with bears or wolves, I won’t be camping in a handmade teepee or digging my own latrine. (outdoor toilet) So most of what I feature or talk about will be related to tenting or cabins in an area with mostly squirrels, bunnies and birds. We do cook outside, hike, put up tents, build gadgets, light campfires and learn basic tracking, exploring, animal and nature skills.

I would however love some guest posts from people who do a different kind of camping (see below.)

ATTN: Companies, PR and Bloggers
I’m looking for companies, publishers and PR groups who wish to donate products for review and/or giveaways and bloggers who are interested in guest posting about camping or camping books or reading books while camping. I will be testing out any products or book knowledge July 18-25 at Girl Guide Camp. I am a leader and can have the girls and adults help me test everything out. So you’ll get many opinions for the “price” of one. I will also be featuring a list of sponsors during the entire event on Callista’s Ramblings and SMS Book Reviews. You may want to check out my PR page and Review Policies on each blog for more information.

Spread the Word and Get Extra Giveaway Entries
Please help me get the word out. If you put the following button in your sidebar of your blog and come back and let me know in the comments here, I will add 5 entries into EVERY giveaway you enter during the event on either blog.

You can scoop the code from the sidebar or you can save it and upload it yourself.

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