‘Boca Beth’ and ‘Root and Sprout’

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I won the Boca Beth Bilingual Beginner’s Set from Root & Sprout!

Root & Sprout is relaunching new and improved on March 1, 2009

Even though French is the other official language of Canada, I’ve always loved Spanish and while teaching myself, wanted to teach my kids too. They already know quite a bit. (they are just barely 3 and not quite 2)

I am so excited! We’ve watched the video once already and I know they’ll love the songs on the CD. They love the puppet although I might need to buy another one so they don’t fight over it. It also comes with a coloring book although I think I’ll photocopy the pages so that they can both do it and they’ll last longer.

If the kids take to this I’ll have to ask for more Boca Beth products for special occasions!

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