DIY Sandal Decoration with Water Balloons

Try this fun DIY sandal decoration activity that my 9 year old daughter did! The sandal above is not quite finished. This is a quick but fun activity that is perfect for kids ages 6+. It gives your store bought sandals a fun and colourful look that just screams Summer! You can do this activity… Read More »

Pool Fun With Swimways Spring Float

I love the idea of a float to relax on in the pool but they are always so big and cumbersome and you have to empty your lungs to get it blown up so you don’t even feel relaxed by the time you lay on it. Then you have to deflate the whole thing because… Read More »

Summer Travel Tips

Summer is officially here! The Summer Solstice was yesterday so if you haven’t already made Summer plans, get doing it! This post was sponsored by P&G. Affiliate links included © Viacheslav Baranov | Summer Travel Tips Take time to prep Dedicate time well before departure to plan your pack—yes plan. Check the weather forecast,… Read More »