DIY Sandal Decoration with Water Balloons

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Try this fun DIY sandal decoration activity that my 9 year old daughter did!

DIY Sandal Decoration with Water Balloons

The sandal above is not quite finished. This is a quick but fun activity that is perfect for kids ages 6+. It gives your store bought sandals a fun and colourful look that just screams Summer!

You can do this activity with any sandals bought from anywhere. These sandals are from the dollar store. Buy mini water balloons, they usually come in a pack with different colours mixed. We had 200 (two bags of 100 balloons) and that was more than enough for two sandals.

Decide what pattern you are going to do and separate colours so you can grab what you need.

All you have to do is tie the water balloons onto the sandal.


Put the balloon under the strap and tie a knot and pull it tight. If you can, double knot it but since it’s balloon material, if you pull it tight it should stay tied.


When the knot is tied, push the balloon up close to the previous ones and then start again. Keep going in the pattern of your choice until both straps are covered.


The beauty of decorating your sandals this way is they are completely water and dirt proof and can be cleaned with a spray of the hose. It’s an easy way to dress up boring sandals that need a little more oomph.

This is a great activity for Summer whether it’s just with your own kids or with a group of kids like at a summer program or homeschooling co-op.

Be creative!

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